LSC 2019 Division Update Information

Hello LSC Families,

With the snow quickly melting and the spring season right around the corner, LSC wanted to make you all aware of some exciting new changes.  The club continues to grow, and with that some necessary changes will be taking place this Spring.  

In order to better develop your children in a safe and appropriate manner, LSC Rec Express will be putting players into SINGLE birth year divisions up through the U8 division.  LSC Rec Express has had players placed by birth year for the last few years since the US Soccer mandates came into effect. However, the divisions were grouped every two birth years, i.e. U4, U6, U8, etc.

Now, with an influx of new players, LSC Rec Express divisions will be by single birth year, i.e. U3 (2016), U4 (2015), U5 (2014), U6 (2013), U7 (2012) and U8 (2011).    

- Divisions U3 thru U6 will be coed.  

- Divisions U7 and U8 will be separated based on gender as they have been.  U7 teams may have to play games against their U8 gender similar teams in the beginning seasons.

- As of now U9 and U10 will remain a combined coed age group.  

- U12 and up will remain unaffected by this new change and divisions will continue to be U12, U15 and U18.  If numbers continue to grow in the older divisions, then they will follow the pattern of the U7 and U8 age groups in the future.  

This change will not only offer improved player development but also provide a safer environment for all. Often players were leaving the game at a young age because, in some instances, they had to play against players almost two years older than themselves. This will help alleviate some of those parental concerns.  In addition, it will better align with how the LSC United travel teams are formed to help better transition advancing players who continue on to higher development.

We hope this helps to explain these exciting changes which will be implemented for the Spring 2019 season.  Thank you for your continued support and help in growing this wonderful sport.


The LSC Board